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Florida – Fur and fleece and fluff


Louisiana – Metairie Whole Foods Stacey Arton donates crab traps for holding hair boom and protecting marshes

New Orleans – Lisa Gautier, President of Matter of Trust holding hair/fur/fleece boom with orange mesh Photo Credit: Skip Baumhower
Florida in Fort Walton Beach led by Barbara Johnson and Yente Sehman
Florida – Piling up boom
4,600 booms!
Boom stored by private beaches

San Francisco, California

Booms made by volunteers at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, LA Led by Daisye Suduran

Nylons, tights, thigh highs, knee highs – they all get stuffed with hair

No animals are harmed in the making of these booms 🙂 But watch dogs near the picnic table!

Off more go to the donated warehouse space

Donated hair, fur, fleece & nylons are coming in boxes and bags from all over the world. Donors are generously paying the postage and mobilizing a natural fiber recycling system! We have 19 donated warehouses on the water in the Gulf of Mexico and 1 warehouse in San Francisco by our Home Office.
Matter of Trust home office crew- with a HUGE THANKS to all the thousands of subscribers who have jumped on board to orchestrate an International Natural Fiber Recycling Mobilization in a matter of weeks following the Gulf oil explosion!

Excellent cartoon from Alabama Press Register

Aww! We LOVE when you email us photos and put them on our facebook

Happy donor – Groomers cut up to 5 pounds of fur a day.
If any artists out there would like to design a special bin for fiber collection please email us!

A rainbow of donations! Boxes from Los Angeles are often entirely blond! Really.

Salons are finding attractive ways to collect hair.
Kids get it! You shampoo because hair collects oil.
Matter of Trust home office in San Francisco – “We’re calling it The Hairy Situation Room,” Lisa Gautier, President. John Thurston, Tyler Young, Michelle Yong & Lisa Gautier
Matter of Trust staff realizes that the phones are blowing out from so many donors and press inquiries. It’s a good thing!
CBS interview – “Don’t mind us” 🙂
Hernando Hermida, 94 years old, makes a boom making device with bells and whistles!
Working with plungers, which is great for seniors and kids. Pushing through PVC by hand works out to be faster you have have a lot of strength and energy.

We used to stuff booms by hand like this without PVC and it was much slower! Crisis is the mother of invention.

Lisa Gautier, President of Matter of Trust, shows Ottimat to reporters. makes hairmats out of China, but Matter of Trust hopes to see the textile manufacturing system rekindled in the US if we can all orchestrate a North American Natural Fiber Recycling Mobilization.
Oil Spill Hair Mat – Invented by Phil McCrory – These mats are made in China with purchased hair and can be purchased through OttiMat. Phil’s company has allowed our charity, Matter of Trust to try to make mats in the US with donated hair as part of our Green Jobs program.
Brilliant poster!
Hanes drops off 50,000 pairs to Gulf States Boom B Qers! New nylons with defects are perfect for booms!
Thanks to Spanx, Sculptz, and Gifts In Kind International and all their nylons / stockings partners for thousands of nylons! And Hooters donates 100,000 pairs of nylons!

Panty Hose Station

Alpaca fleece donations arrive in Alabama

Alpaca donations arrive in Destin Florida

Boxes of hair donations on New Orleans Ritz Carlton Bell Caddy

Some donors get wonderfully creative with their boxes! Salon Tobie Urban Spa, Denver, CO

Lisa Gautier, Matter of Trust, before San Francisco Boom BQ leaning on boxes of hair donations.

News crews in every city throughout North America and beyond are showing up at local participating salons! Andrea’s Organic Hair Studio – Naples, Florida

Proud donor – Mr. Mills Greenbrier, Arkansas

Salons and barbars are joining up and combining boxes to save on shipping.

Buzz cuts for booms! Thanks Ashley for all you do helping to collect and ship in Arkansas!

Buzzed for the cause!  …

Proud puppy donor! “Alex” Rehr – Dewitt Iowa

Proud donors from Cabot, PA – Star Weaver Farm Alpacas Photos are by Jillian Ramsey Stern

Alpaca wool being bagged up

Lots of sheepish donors from California let’s count them 🙂 thanks Leanna Kielian