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Composting Must-Knows for City Dwellers

Just because you find yourself in a city without room for a cute backyard garden, doesn't mean you can't be a compost participant! Check out this blog post from Grist, where you can find tips on how to compost through use of tumblers, worm bins, and where to find...

Live in SF? Get a free kitchen compost pail!

Free Compost Pail here 😛 After moving to San Francisco from Berkeley, the first thing I did the next morning was grab the French press to brew some much needed coffee to tackle the perilous day of unpacking I had ahead of me. Unfortunately, when I went to compost my...

Building soil: Compost

This video shows how I attempt to build soil  in my  very rocky back yard with a help of compost. After many attempts, as well as learning from other gardeners, I came up with few recipes that help me to grow healthy and tasty 🙂 fruit and vegetables. Besides your...

Composting Video-in Spanish!

This video describes how to make compost in a house with garden. Describes the system types, recommended materials, tools, keys for a good compost etc, while the author performs the activities. I hope it helps someone!   Este video describe como hacer compost en...

Home made lawn mower chipper

Mulcher for compost Muestra una podadora triturando material para hacer compostas caseras Your Winner ID# is 413.

Temperature Your Helpful Friend During Composting!

How to measure temperature in a compost pile to make adjustments and observe the process. Compostas en Pila - Temperaturas Como medir temperaturas en la pila de composta para hacer ajustes y observar el proceso.

You Can Compost Human Waste!

Oceans of sewage. Tapped-out water sources. Ever-costlier fertilizers. A flurry of recent studies warn of resource scarcity for the world’s cities. Fortunately, a growing legion of urban dwellers think the nutrients and water in their toilets are too valuable to flush...

Western Disposal Services – Boulder CO

Western offers curbside pickup of compostable material in many areas – an innovative service that helps increase diversion & serves the waste reduction goals of our customers and the community. Why Compost? In the landfill, organic material is covered &...

Aerating A Compost Pile

Using solar powered attic ventilation fans to aerate your compost piles can save you loads of back breaking labor!  Here is a diagram of how to set it up:    

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