Janet Standen, Chairwoman
Janet is a brand development and consumer insights specialist, with over 25 years experience in consumer marketing, innovation and brand strategy. She brings a breadth of experience gained working with big and small companies, as well as charities, in the UK/Europe and in the US. She loves the challenge of identifying and harnessing potential market opportunities facing consumer-interfacing brands, and is a firm believer in each of us doing our part to create a better future for our children, leaving the planet stronger and more enduring than when we arrived. Janet is currently Director of Insights at Instant Insights Lab a consumer research company based in San Francisco, as well as working independently for companies to help identify stronger futures for their consumer brands.

lisa head

Lisa Craig Gautier, President and Board Secretary
In 1998, Lisa founded the ecological public charity, Matter of Trust (MofT) with her husband Patrice Gautier, (VP at Apple Inc.)  MofT’s programs only concentrate on what we DO want to see in the environment. Lisa has served as pro-bono President since its inception. She leads enthusiastic in-house teams on 15+ current programs, partners often in fiscal sponsorships, and has over 55 completed projects. Lisa designs and implements empowering, inclusive, large-scale systems such as ExcessAccess.org that links surplus with needs, and the GlobalCompostProject.org which promotes renewable resources.  She delights in producing and highlighting convenient eco-solutions that are publicly actionable. For example, MofT’s popular Clean Wave Program invites thousands of salons to collect hair clippings that are felted into mats which soak up oil spills.  In 2016, Lisa moved MofT into two purchased, inspirational, work+exhibit spaces: the Matter of Trust Eco-Industrial Hub (Eco-Hub) and the Matter of Trust Model Eco Apartment with Urban Edible Garden (Eco-Home).  She cultivates project ownership with her staff, interns and volunteers. Via lectures and interviews, she celebrates apprenticeships, mastery, and the joy of ecology.  Lisa serves on the Boards of Biomimicry.org, RandallMuseum.org and MatterOfTrust.org.

Prior to Matter of Trust, Lisa worked in the International Development and Treasurer offices, Valeo Headquarters – Paris (1995-1996), FedEx Logistics – Paris (1994) and at Cecchi & Massoni Atty and CPAs in San Francisco (1985-1993). Her education includes French Language and Culture, Sorbonne (1993-4), Breeding of Endangered Species and Zoo Management (surprisingly useful in all things) Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust, Channel Islands, UK (1983-4). She resides in San Francisco, CA with her husband and their 3 daughters.

Patrice Olivier Gautier, Treasurer
Patrice joined Apple in 1997, and is currently Vice President of Internet Software & Services, Apple, Inc. His teams launched iTunes store (2002) Apps, and iBooks Stores; he’s currently head of iCloud (since 2010) and Maps (since 2013). In 2000, he took a brief leave from Apple to become CTO of the start-up Netstruxr.com. Previously, Patrice worked for NeXT (1996) before he was absorbed into Apple’s WebObjects team. From 1993 – 1996, he was an R & D engineer for Thomson-CSF Paris, France, in charge of NATO’s Data Fusion Demonstrator. From 1991 – 1993, he was Research Assistant in the Knowledge Systems Lab at Stanford University, modeling the Reaction Control System for NASA’s space shuttle. Patrice holds an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris, France and a Masters Degree in computer science from Stanford.

Maria Surricchio

Maria Surricchio, Board Member
Maria Surricchio is VP Brand Strategy & Innovation at Sony Computer Entertainment America.
She has held senior brand and innovation leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies spanning consumer goods, financial services and consumer technology. She has spearheaded the turnaround of famous brands both in the US and Europe and has a proven track record of building inspiring brands that turn customers into passionate advocates. She was formerly Director of Innovation at Kraft Foods where she led the transformation of the company’s Coffee Sustainability strategy in Europe working in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance. She lives and works in the SF Bay Area.

Peter de Vries, Vice Chair 
Peter is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. For over 17 years Peter was in the computer business. As Director of Operations for FTP Software’s West Coast Office, he managed the initial set-up of FTP’s first remote office, and was in charge of administrative operations on the West Coast. Peter, a patron of the arts, also serves on the Board of Directors of the Endowment Fund for San Francisco’s Lamplighters / Opera West Foundation.

Travis Cripps, Board Member
Travis is a software engineer in the iTunes department at Apple Inc. After moving here from Arizona, he worked for PGP Corporation, MediaRing, NetStruxr, and Quetzal Consulting. Travis has been advising Matter of Trust for its online database, Excess Access, since 2000. Together with Patrice (see above) he was responsible for the design improvements and implementation of the dynamic database 2000-2009.  And is continually instrumental as an advisor for testing and improving the Excess Access and Matter of Trust websites.




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