Full scale prototype warming up on a sunny day
The Infinity Oven is a low cost solution which enables bakery entrepreneurs and communities in the developing world to harness the power of the sun, baking and cooking more sustainably: smoke free and fuel free.
The Infinity Oven harnesses sunlight to heat the oven to temperatures up to 220 degrees. It achieves this by using a large reflective parabolic dish to concentrate the sun’s rays unto the cooking box. The box is double glazed on the sides and bottom, allowing light through to heat the oven whilst trapping air, preventing the heat from coming out. The oven is also insulated with Rockwool on top to reduce heat loss further.The oven has two independent chambers, each with a thermometer in the side walls enabling the user to monitor the cooking temperatures from the outside and cooking two batches of food simultaneously.Made predominantly from recycled oil drums and locally source-able materials such as wood, bamboo and clay, it can be produced at very low cost in as little as two days.

Date: 2015-01-21

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