Ooho, a biodegradable membrane made of brown algae, is an interesting idea.

Touted by some as an “edible water bottle,” Ooho is actually more of a blob. The three London-based design students who developed the technology wanted to make something cheap, sustainable, and durable, so they improved upon a decades-old culinary technique called “spherification.” Made popular by the molecular gastronomy nuts at El Bulli, spherification is exactly what it sounds like. Put simply, you turn liquid into spheres held together with a gelatinous membrane.

Ooho is actually not one but two membranes, for durability’s sake. The double layer also makes it possible to sandwich a label in between the membranes, though Ooho’s not quite ready for the supermarket. The real fun, of course, is trying to drink from Ooho. Since the container is edible, you could just pop the whole thing in your mouth, but that doesn’t seem particularly sanitary. Instead, you can just poke a hole in the membrane with your teeth and suck the water out.

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Date: 2014-03-27

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