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The environmental and socio-economic importance of the cork oak forest is  so valuable that several organisations, among which the WWF, the Forest  Stewardship Council (FSC) and the European Cork Federation (C. E.  Liège), with Corticeira Amorim’s participation, have developed  initiatives aimed at encouraging good practices and rewarding  agro-forestry owners who contribute to improving essential services of  the cork oak forest ecosystem.

These forests are a perfect  example of the balance between preserving the environment and  sustainable development. They are also the foundations of an economy of  the future, which encourages the increase of the cork oak forest area in Portugal. Portugal, which boasts 716,000 hectares of cork oak forest,  has been carrying out important reforesting at a rate of ten thousand  hectares per year, that is, an annual growth of around 4%. Two new cork  oaks are planted for each old cork oak. If all goes well, when they  reach the age of the Whistler Tree in over two hundred years, they shall also have made a fundamental contribution to the vitality of the  planet’s ecosystem. With their cork, they will also have helped maintain thousands of jobs, by keeping people on their land producing millions  of cork stoppers.

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Date: 2013-01-24

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