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The Kuwili Lani Agrihood is a 13.9 acre site, consisting of 11 one-plus-acre lots zoned for agricultural use and designed to be an independent, low-impact / low carbon footprint development.  All lots have ocean and sky view planes and offer peaceful pastoral scenes.

There is a private road and private security gate, as well as a private water system, energy system and wifi service.  Independence from utility companies—off-grid renewable energy to be used throughout the subdivision; all underground utilities so no visible utility lines or poles.  County potable water for indoor use; sustainable rain harvesting system for outdoor water use.

Kuwili Lani is a safe and gated oasis in a quiet neighborhood one mile from the village of Laupahoehoe, where basic services are available, and Highway 11, the main highway on the Hamakua Coast; 25 miles from the city of Hilo, with airport, university, hospital, county government, malls, restaurants, and services. Flight time from Hilo to Honolulu is a short 50-minute flight.

Kuwili Lani is in the heart of the Hamakua Coast. Often overlooked on the east side of Hawaii Island, this coast is a place of history, amazing agricultural diversity, and extraordinary beauty. It offers a quiet country lifestyle, where the Hawaiian heritage of the land is honored and protected.

Benefits of an “Agrihood

The model of an Agrihood (Agricultural Neighborhood) accomplishes multiple personal enhancements or benefits to homeowners as follows:

#1) Food produced within the Agrihood is not dependent on outside availability, transportation means or use of fossil fuels to deliver it. Saves fuel / offsets carbon footprint. It enables one to be part of an engaged solution versus negatively affecting our world’s natural resources and environment.

#2) Anyone can have at their disposal a “personalized self-sustenance operation”, which can be scaled to one’s own desire and personal involvement. For assistance with developing / implementing an Ag Operation, visit www.hisas.org  for more information.

#3) The ability to combine efforts with your neighbors to grow a wide variety of tropical fruits, nutrient rich vegetables, and even fish, prawns and poultry for private consumption.

#4) Having fresh, nutrient-dense food coming from the Agrihood on a semi-daily basis, potentially being distributed to all households in the subdivision.

#5) One can utilize the land to possibly fulfill a vast array of an individual’s needs: From food security via “Edible Landscape” to peace of mind knowing that they’re influencing future generations while enhancing one’s own life in the present.

#6)  An individual can monitor what goes into the production of their agricultural operation and control the nutrient content of one’s own food. It is possible to grow food in a controlled environment that is far superior to food bought at the market. (For more information, see www.beyondorganicconsulting.com).

#7) Last and most important, it allows a quality of life in which one can obtain a healthier outlook on life by being “engaged in the garden”—surrounded by verdant beauty and tranquility.

read more www.kuwililani.com

Date: 2018-06-14

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