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Pollution is a major problem for our health and it is very difficult to escape. We breathe polluted air in every place we go: streets, cars, homes, offices, schools, and that is the cause of many deaths and health problems. What if we could leverage our clothing to clean air from pollution? Can our favorite t-shirt save the world from pollution?


This is the question we started from. Our answer, after months of hard work, is RepAir a genderless t-shirt that absorbs the NOx and VOC equivalent to those produced by 2 cars thanks to a revolutionary fabric incorporated in its pocket.


How it works?

RepAir works with zero-impact and doesn’t need any external energy source. Its pocket, made of an antibacterial and breathable fabric, incorporates the Breath®, a patented material capable of separating, absorbing and retaining NOx, SOx, VOC, Ozone, PAH, Benzene and other pollutants and bad odors in the air.


The air flows through the pocket into the insert and pollutants and bad odors are captured and contained in the insert (but, rest assured, your t-shirt will not smell as organic molecules are disaggregated).

The Breath® is composed of three layers. The outer layers, antibacterial and printable, filter the polluting molecules and the bad smells that are trapped by the internal nano molecules activated absorbent layer.

Does it actually work?

The Breath®, the material used for the insert that RepAir incorporates in its pocket, has been tested extensively according to international standards on pollution absorption capabilities at Università Politecnia delle Marche. The material received several awards and mentions including a publication on the American Journal for Environmental Sciences. The fabric absorbs up to 97% of VOC, 92% of SO2 and 87% of NOx.

Pollution Absorbtion Capabilities Table
Pollution Absorbtion Capabilities Table

The pollutants captured by RepAir are responsible for many health problems including tumors, leukemia, respiratory diseases, ocular and nasal irritations.

How is it made?

RepAir is designed and made following the values at the heart of Kloters: style, comfort and sustainability. It has a classic design, made unique by an Italian style touch, designed to go beyond the seasonality of collections. Comfort is achieved integrating the air cleaning insert in a position that makes RepAir as comfortable as a traditional t-shirt, without impacting freedom of movement. Finally, RepAir is designed to be sustainable in all its dimensions, minimizing the impact of its production on nature and society. It is produced in Italy, at suppliers whose practices are carefully controlled to ensure that nobody is exploited or treated unfairly in the production cycle. Italian suppliers also allow us to reduce the polluting emissions generated by the transport of products before they reach the final consumer. RepAir is produced with high quality cotton and made with reinforced stitching and details to allow it to last longer: less t-shirts produced, less waste of resources.

What is our goal?

Of course to reach our campaign goal (in the short term); but we would like to think beyond that. Fashion is considered the second most polluting industry in the world. With RepAir we want to start a revolution. We are not only reducing the footprint of our products, but we created something that actively improves what is around us. The more join this project, the bigger its impact. A single t-shirt alone cannot change the air quality of our city. But if a couple of us wear it in a car (or better, cycling to work), or a few more in the office we can start to make a difference in our environment and also in the way we approach the problem of air quality. A single t-shirt may not change the world, but many can!



Project timeline

Where? Anywhere!

With RepAir we wanted to make easy for everyone to become an active contributor to improve quality of air. Anywhere! You can wear RepAir for your fitness activities…


…as your daily outfit at work…

…but also just to walk around or during your spare time!

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Date: 2018-06-12

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