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Super monster wolf


The solar powered lupine menace has proven so successful at scaring away wild boar from Japanese farms that it’s going into mass production.

Are wild boar ravishing your rice and chestnut crops? Not to worry, Super Monster Wolf is here!

Combining the best of natural pest control and animatronics, the high-tech terror detects crop-eating wild animals with an infrared sensor. And then presumably scares the bejesus out of them with its demonic flashing red LED eyes and 48 types of harrowing sounds, including wolf howls and a human voice.

As silly it may seem, the wolf is very good at its job. Chikao Umezawa, head of the agricultural cooperative association JA Kisarazu-shi, says that before trial runs near Kisarazu City in Japan’s eastern Chiba prefecture last July, farmers were resigned to sacrificing part of their crops to wild boar. But with the wolf on duty, crop losses have dropped significantly. So much so that the haunted-house-meets-scarecrow robot will be going into mass production in April.

With an effective radius of about one kilometer (.62 miles), Umezawa suggests it is more effective than an electric fence.

The creatures will be powered by solar-rechargeable batteries. But they doesn’t come cheaply; the robot guardians will have a hefty price tag of 514,000 yen ($4,840). Even so, farmers will be able to lease a wolf by the month for a much cheaper option.

You can see awesome Super Monster Wolf in the video below …

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Date: 2018-03-06

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