Featured image of London’s “Bottletop” Store Recycles 60.000 Bottles for 3D Printed Interior


A new store called Bottletop is opening on Regent Street in London. It has a 3D printed interior made from 60,000 upcycled plastic bottles.

If you get swept up in the mania of Regent Street, London this winter, then make sure you stop to visit Bottletop. The store has a 3D printed, up-cycled interior.

Bottletop is a company which began as a product collaboration with Mulberry in 2002. The brand creates bags made from, you guessed it, bottletops.

However, they are now opening a flagship store on one of London’s busiest streets. Inside the Regent Street shop, you’ll find a unique interior made from 60,000 up-cycled plastic bottles.

There’s no missing the shop as there is a KUKA 3D printer in the window already, making it rather distinctive. The latest LBR iiwa robot is on display and 3D printers will be whipping up trinkets, such as key rings and bag charms, for customers.

The shop floor is not yet complete and will be produced in segments. “It will morph over time and become a recycled paradise… Not many people know about 3D printing or robotics. If you can show the way that these technologies can be used to actually help reduce waste in construction and in fashion, then it’s a really compelling argument,”  Bottletop co-founder Oliver Wayman explains.


Creating a 3D Printed Interior Which Matches the Company Mission

Krause Architects are behind the design for the flagship store interior. But, to turn the design into a reality was AI Build‘s robotic 3D printing technology.

KUKA’s 6-axis industrial robots 3D printed parts using REFLOW’s recycled filament. Yet another sustainable aspect of the store which visitors can learn about.

A video inside the shop will teach shoppers about the impact of the Bottletop brand. But, also the evolution of the company’s designs and the process behind the 3D printed shop.

“For the first time, visitors to our store will be able to witness the sustainable use of this technology firsthand while shopping the Bottletop collection and learning about the mission of the brand. This is so exciting for us as our customers can watch the transformation of the store, from a clean exhibition space to an upcycled ecosystem. Overhead hangs our trademark metal canopy, with thousands of cans embedded into a 3D printed lattice structure suspended from the ceiling, which is a play on the concept of negative space, inspired by the British contemporary artist Rachel Whiteread,” Wayman adds.

Visit the Bottletop website to find out more about their products. You can follow the story from the release of the first commercial luxury handbag created with up-cycled bottle tops from Kenya and Mulberry leather off-cuts to the new 3D printed shop.

Break up your holiday shopping on London’s Regent Street with a trip to Bottletop at number 84.


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Date: 2017-12-08

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