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Humanity Adding Solutions
September 7th-16th 2018


Join our Official Community Platform for the:

San Francisco is the Host City and Matter of Trust has developed TheHumSum.org in collaboration with the UN Foundation, SF Mayor’s Office and the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

We are providing an intentionally loose framework in order to attract macro and micro projects from around the world.  The vision is to sort out where the eco-barriers are, discuss challenges, find and link solutions.  Seeking incentives and perspectives within and between communities, this mobilization reaches beyond the choir and echo chambers.  Encouraging that money and time are spent on long-term benefits and personal eco-improvements instead of short-term events.

OPPORTUNITIES and CHALLENGES are 2 sides of the same coin.  There is rapid, daily progress on local and global levels addressing pollution, water, land use, energy and eco-nomic movements.

The advantage of a collaborative complement to the delegate’s Global Climate Action Summit is that the press attention will help everyone discover, connect and celebrate what impacts are already being made within and between communities. The public and private sector are needed to help move the needle, save time, and avoid reinventing the wheel.
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Date: 2018-04-20

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