Join Matter of Trust in preparing for Governor Jerry Brown’s  Global Climate Summit September 12-15 2018!  San Francisco is the host city, and as San Francisco is everybody’s city, that means everyone can get involved!

In collaboration with the SF Mayor’s Office and the San Francisco Department of the Environment, ihe Global Climate Summit Official Community Partnerships Program website will be up by February 1st so that we can hit the ground running and humanity’s input will show how far this can go

Intentionally, we are  providing a loose framework in order to attract macro and micro projects.  The vision is to use this platform for discovering barriers, discussing challenges, finding and linking solutions.  Looking for incentives and perspectives inside and between communities, reaching out, beyond the echo chambers and choirs.  Money and time spent on eco-improvements not short-term events.

FRAMEWORK  (feel free to weigh in)

OPPORTUNITY / PROBLEM (Problem and Opportunity are 2 sides of the same coin.)

It’s getting hotter, dryer, deeper and smoggier on Earth every year.  Humanity is feeling the negative effects more and more.
CHALLENGE (If there’s an Opportunity for change then let’s meet the Challenge)
Can humanity reverse global warming trends year over year, cool Earth’s temperatures to a sweet spot and improve the quality of life on the planet?
SOLUTION (If there’s a Challenge then meet it by finding a Solution:)
A Global Climate Summit with a complimentary all-inclusive Official Communities Partners Platform dedicated to identifying barriers and solutions, mobilizing those effecting change at home or at work, green or conventional, in ways big and small.
Find the answers out there amongst 8 billion human brains.  Collaborate within and between communities to save time, replicate, adjust and avoid reinventing the wheel.
We can use nature’s impressive, persistent research and development over the last 4 billion years.  Her trial and error at micro and macro scales, trillions upon trillions of plants, animals, insects, biomes…  many solutions are out there, we just need to look.
  Reach and mobilize everyone who is effecting change,   Build consensus and momentum display the most effective, positive actions, locally and globally.  Connect populations on challenges, opportunities, barriers and solutions.  Prepare infrastructure and platforms for convenient action items and check lists.

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