Today the Terra Genesis team have released an important white paper, 4 Levels of Regenerative Agriculture. Written by Ethan Roland Soloviev (author of 8 Forms of Capital) and Gregory Landua, it describes how Regenerative Agriculture can begin as a single technique on a farm but quickly evolve into a movement for global systemic change.

Soloviev says, “In the last 18 months, the term ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ has rocketed into the spotlight. As more and more people become aware of the term, there is a real risk that the term becomes oversimplified, fragmented, and seen as simply a set of best practices or techniques.”

The goal of this white paper is to enhance the global conversation around Regenerative Agriculture and support its practitioners, proponents, and investors to radically transform Earth’s agriculture. Landua says, “Regenerative Agriculture has real potential to reverse climate change. We can also go further putting humans back in their role as a positive keystone species in the global ecosystem.”

The paper introduces 4 Levels and 7 Principles of Regenerative Agriculture. They work together as a matrix of Living Systems Frameworks, creating a dynamic and adaptive context for selfassessment rather than a rigid definition of what does and does not constitute Regenerative Agriculture.

“At the systemic level, Regenerative Agriculture is a way of thinking, not just a set of practices or design strategies. We as human beings begin to see ourselves as nature itself, understanding that if we seek to develop the landscape we must also develop ourselves.”

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Date: 2017-03-10

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