Spanish inventor, Enrique Veiga, has created a machine that condenses water from the atmosphere into drinkable, filtered water.

The machine runs on the same amount of electricity a domestic washing machine would use and condenses the water to 30 degrees Celcius at a relative humidity of 17%.  The water is filtered and stored for use at any time.

Veiga’s company, Aquaer Generators, has patented the machine is is currently creating 1,500 of them for the government of Namibia.

“I started working on this device nearly twenty years ago,” said Veiga.  “The first registered patent is from 1995, when a drought was crossing Spain and made me work on this.”

According to Aquaer Generator’s website, at 30 degrees Celcius and 60% humidity, there is more than 16 grams of water per kilogram of air.  When the air temperature is lowered below the dew point, water is created, similar to rain.  By moving more or less air, they are able to obtain the desired amount of water.  This works, even in the desert.

They also state that the machine does not create any pollution.

The cost of the creation of water is directly related to the cost of energy.  In California, where a kilowatt hour costs about $0.12 one liter of water would end up costing the consumer about $0.04.


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Date: 2017-02-23

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