Matter of Trust President, Lisa Gautier, in Paris for UN COP21 promoting our collaborative. Additionally, Lisa will be part of a larger group representing cities and researchers coordinating on climate solutions such as carbon farming, municipal recycling and composting.














Racing to Zero movie goes to Paris




Reinhard Hohlwein CalRecycle and Debbie Raphael Dept of Environment San Francisco at the Blue zone where National flags sit on columns outside the United Nations COP21 climate summit at Le Bourget



International Cities Conference by Zero Waste France at Ecole Normal Superieure University in Paris.




Debbie Raphael and Calla Ostrander speaking at the COP 21 Regions Pavilion TAP 2015 in Paris.



Veolia meeting about composting sites in CA



Kevin Drew of San Francisco Dept of the Environment speaking in Paris on zero waste at Le Bourget talks



Lisa on La Re Cyclerie urban garden tour. They bought an old defunct train station and rent part of the old track and made an inner city farm





Chickens! In Paris! They get all the restaurant leftovers.



Stephane shows how the Re Cyclerie gives away the eggs their hens lay.



The Re Cyclerie workshop and cafe in Paris. People pay $25 annual dues and can borrow tools and learn how to fixed range of things



Nice Aquaponics!
Reinhard Hohlwein from state of CA CalRecycle and Debbie Raphael Director City of San Francisco dept of Environment at La Re Cyclerie




La Re Cyclerie urban garden rooftop. Lisa Gautier President Matter of Trust and Debbie Raphael Director City Of San Francisco dept of Environment




La RE-cyclerie doesn’t need pots. It plants right into the ground in it’s bathroom.



La Recyclerie restaurant for A Toast to Compost


Nicholas Hulot speaking at the Grand Palais, Paris


Lisa Gautier, Paul-Antoine Sebbe, Director General of SEDE the Veolia Subsidary that runs their digestion and composting operations, Antoine Frerot CEO of Veolia, Calla Ostrander, Kevin Drew.



Fanny Demulier – Veolia – Communications



Huge thanks to Stephane owner of la recyclerie for being a part of A Toast to Compost event!



Kate Vinot COP delegate Melbourne Australia.



Gaëtan Turner presents Francis Ford Coppola Winery generous wine donation. South World wines.




Lisa with California Governer Jerry Brown – discussing compostable toilets


UN COP21 Paris Events

UN COP21 Paris Events


UN COP21 Paris Events – French

UN COP21 Paris Events – French


UN COP21 Zero Waste Flash Mob Event

Zero Waste Flash Mob for UN COP 21








Date: 2015-12-23

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