Staff, Consultants and Volunteers


Lisa Gautier – President, Board Treasurer

Janelle Peterson – Lead Assistant

Jeannie Bear – Eco-Center Reception

Veronica Masterson – Eco-Center Reception Weekends

Kyle Freeman – Comptroller

Amy McDevitt – Exhibits

Lorna Porter – Programs

Joyce Joseph – Social Media

Jennifer Thomas – LEAF Academy

Mary Connors-Carson – Events

Michelle Salas – Gift Shop Lead

Rudy de Leon – Gift Shop

Iris Aluf Medina Fresko – Gift Shop

John Thurston – Logistics



Jamie Kay Gerard, Attorney at Law  - Matter of Trust Counsel

Dominic F. Massoni, CPA  Matter of Trust Accountant

Ephraim Zeller – Rebuild Lead Consultant

Leigh Lehman – Eco-Center Lead Consultant

Laura Adkins – In-kind Giving Systems Advisor

Win Dell’Ario – Eco-Center Design

Terry Craig – Systems Documentation Consultant

Colette Swim – Logo Design Consultant

Louise Laub – Posters Design Consultant

Prasanth Gopi – User Experience Consultant

Alicia Snow – Research Advisor

Donna Goodman – Eco-Center Expert’s Bench Advisor

Charlotte Gautier – Photoshop

Carlo Barot – Vlog Producer

Antoinette Gautier – Music Score Vlogs



Lindsay Deffarges

Spencer Cue

Dori Yazbek

Paul Desagneaux

Skylar Calandra

Ryan Zheng

Rose Rimler

Rain Stickney

Clemence Theot

Olivier Truyman

Maca Wong

Filipe Wong



Inhui Lee – Manmade Surplus Programs

Tehan Carey – Oil Spill Soaked Hair Remediation Project – San Francisco

Tyler Young – Project Manager – BP Gulf Oil Spill

Amanda Bacon – Alabama Warehouse – Hair Soaks Up BP Gulf Oil Spill

Yente Sehman – Florida Warehouse 1 – Hair Soaks Up BP Gulf Oil Spill

Barbara Johnson – Florida Warehouse 1- Hair Soaks Up BP Gulf Oil Spill

Ingrid Setzer – Florida Warehouse 2- Hair Soaks Up BP Gulf Oil Spill

Daisye Suderan – Louisiana Warehouse 1- Hair Soaks Up BP Gulf Oil Spill

Margie Perez – Louisiana Warehouse 2- Hair Soaks Up BP Gulf Oil Spill

Regina Douglas – Eco-Education Programs

Jennifer Pratt – Writer - It’s Easy Being Green

Carmen Hermida – Development Brochures

Rhoda Chew – Volunteers

Cynthia Montoya Wong – Logistics



We have enormous fondness for these seniors who contributed substantially to research and operations for Matter of Trust since 1998:

Hernando Hermida (1915-2012)

Dorothy Hermida (1919-2009)

Robert Snow (1923-2007)

Doris Leigh Craig (1911-2006)