Thank you all for such a wonderful grand opening.
Thanks to all who came to the grand opening!
Our new Eco-Hub is opening Fall 2017!
Artist, Wes Allen, is making the Matter of Trust logo using recycled metal
Setting up our felting machines at our Matter of Trust Eco-Industrial Hub in San Francisco
Pitch Salon (Curtis and Lisa P.) opens at our Eco-Hub and the hair goes to our hair mats!
You shampoo because hair soaks up oil! We felt mats made of recycled hair, fur, fleece clippings. Hair mats are used in municipal storm drains and major oil spills. Check out our Clean Wave Program! Hair mats for storm drain cages collect litter and twigs as well as motor oil!
Our interns, Kaleo and Fortunato proudly show off their amazing Jacob’s Ladder for our Eco-Hub!
High school intern Ruthie with her Sound and Sand - Eco-Hub Energy exhibit. Have you made your pledge to compost? Fertilizer feeds plants and compost feeds soils! There's too much carbon in the air, and too little carbon in the soil! Ranchers, Check out our Global Compost Project!
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Date: 2016-01-30

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