• To inspire enthusiasm for the beauty and complexity of natural abundance in equilibrium.
  • To discover, produce, test and promote logistically practical uses for naturally abundant renewable resources.
  • To  implement systems that demonstrate the importance of regaining balance for manmade surplus by sorting waste into stockpiles of useful resources.
  • To develop round-table programs connecting manual labor, skilled labor, industry, education, hi and low-tech expertise in order to efficiently and conveniently match burdensome manmade surplus to those in need.
  • To identify peer-acknowledged mastery in diverse sectors and provide mavens with platforms for eco-jobs training.
  • To build apprenticeship programs that empower a manufacturing eco-workforce with distinction that celebrates excellence.
  • To promote low-impact, clutter-free solutions and products that provide high standards of living and equate ecology with luxury, not sacrifice.
  • To constructively encourage youth with enthusiasm for ecology, renewable resources, recycling, repurposing and reuse, to follow their creative passions by providing educational tools with quantifiable results.
  • To research and broaden eco-awareness within divers communities through forums and teams that highlight practical perspectives and incentives for clean water, clean air, clean energy, healthy soils and healthy lives.
  • To have multiple, collaborative programs in different stages within our 3 departments (Manmade Surplus, Naturally Abundant Renewable Resources and Eco-Education) to ensure flow of our collective progress is continual and dynamic.
  • To follow Mother Nature’s lead by acting as a catalyst and integrating enduring cycles.
  • To deliver peace of mind, mobilize positive cultural shifts, concentrate on what we DO want in our environment and co-create a harmonious eco-industrial revolution.
  • To provide physical and virtual sites that are inclusive, sustainable, uplifting, growing, productive, informative, educational, inspirational, enchanting and transformational.


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