Executive Advisors

Paul Hawken, Executive Director, Drawdown

Jared Blumenfeld, Regional Director, EPA

Debbie Raphael, Director, City of San Francisco Department of the Environment

Carlos Paya, CEO, Immune Design

Lisa Jackson, VP Environment, Apple, Inc.


Manmade Surplus Programs Advisors

Linda Levitsky, East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse

Shuai Chen, SCRAP

Laura Adkins, MAGIK (Movement and Acquisition of Gifts in Kind)

Travis Cripps, Apple, Inc.


Naturally Abundant Renewable Resources Programs Advisors

Kevin Drew, City of San Francisco, Department of the Environment

John Wick, The Marin Carbon Project

Reinhard Hohlwein, CalRecycle

Jeff Creque, PhD, Optimal Grazing and Sustainable Farming

Jeanine Cotter, Luminalt Solar

Whendee Silver, PhD, Lawrence Labs UC Berkeley

Gary Andersen, PhD, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Eco-Educational Program Advisors

Terry Craig, PhD

Jennifer Thomas, USF

Todd Ditto, Presidio Hill School

David Vasquez, Ed.D, San Jose State University, Public Vision Research LLC


Eco-Center Operations Advisors

Leigh Lehman, 826 Valenicia

Jill Minkus, Fondation Erol

Win Dell’Ario, Dell’Ario Designs

Clean Wave Program

Excess Access

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Global Compost Project




Matter Of Trust Inc