Films showing at our Eco-Center

Wed., Oct. 9 – Ingredients – an exploration of the growing local food movement – showing how partnerships between local farms and the communities they serve can lead to healthy sustainable food supplies. Preceded at 5:45 by locally sourced, non-GMO reception catered by Namu Gaji, a restaurant here in the Mission.  The film will be followed by a discussion of the process by which restaurants and schools can make healthy choices in their food sourcing.

Thu., Oct. 10 More Than Honey – on bees and ecology, followed by a discussion of the importance of pollinators to our food systems, and current challenges to honey bee survival. 6:30 PM

Sat., Oct. 12–The World According to Monsanto, followed by a discussion of seed sourcing, monoculture, consolidation of seed supply, and impacts on farming. 6:30 PM

Wed., Oct. 16 – Food Inc., followed by a discussion of current food marketing systems and alternatives that promote sustainable agriculture, locally sourced food, and community-owned businesses. 6:30 PM

Thu., Oct. 17 – Scientists Under Attack, followed by a discussion of science in policy and the influence of industry on scientific debate. 6:30 PM

Sun., Oct. 20 – King Corn, followed by a discussion of the extent of GMO corn and its impact on biodiversity and the indigenous maize varieties in Mexico.  Speaker: Miguel Robles of the Biosafety Alliance. 6:30 PM

Wed., Oct. 23, Silent Forest and Seeds of Freedom, followed by discussion of the advent of genetically engineered trees, and the fundamental need for a healthy, sustainable, diverse source of seed for agriculture. 6:30 PM

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Date: 2014-01-15

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