Matter of Trust is proud to be the fiscal sponsor for SONOMA Food Runners. This enables them to focus on building their organizational capacity before fully establishing their own non-profit status.

SONOMA Food Runners’ mission is to alleviate hunger, prevent food waste, and build community. We collect quality, donated perishable and prepared foods that would otherwise go to waste and use volunteers to distribute it throughout the community to those in need.

When you ask June Michaels why she founded SONOMA Food Runners, she’ll tell you with passionate indignation that it just doesn’t make sense for people to go hungry in a place where there is such an abundance of food!

Inspired as much by familial traditions of sharing handed down from her mother as by the food pioneers that have paved the way before her, SONOMA Food Runners was a mission waiting to be born once June saw the need after she landed in Sonoma County with a little free time on her hands.

Food rescues have been popping up all over the world to feed the hungry and reduce the waste of good food. In the tradition of Bay Area leaders such as San Francisco’s Food Runners, Marin’s Extra, the East Bay’s Food Shift and Peninsula Food Runners, SONOMA Food Runners is carrying the torch to Sonoma County and leading the way in sharing excess food with those in need.


Sonoma Food Runners was part of Superbowl Food Rescue, click here!

June Michaels did the late night Treasure Island pick up which netted 3,654 lbs and the Monday morning SF Super Bowl City kiosk donation of 470 lbs. Totaling 4,124 lbs to feed our hungry! These were referrals by Food Runners of San Francisco! Kudos to June and all the Food Rescue Teams!

Date: 2015-08-28

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